Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Road Trips.

My boyfriend and I decided to go on a little road trip over the weekend out to the Gold Coast's hinterland and then further into New South Wales. The scenery is so beautiful out that way and is a lovely escape from the busy Gold Coast! We even packed a picnic and stopped for scones. Yum. Its times like these when I re-appreciate how wonderful the Gold Coast (and its surrounds) truly are.

Hinterland Valley

Valley Through the Hinterland

Fallen Tree


River Reflections

Tumbulgum Beach

Tumbulgum Locals

Mt. Warning from Tumbulgum

River Views


Get Me Out of Here

Mirror Reflection

Click on the photos for the originals or click here for my whole photostream on Flickr.


  1. looks like so much fun! and scones are just perfect to end a road trip;). love the pictures.
    xx Ambre

  2. wow i'm actually so jealous of your road trip. my bf is always busy nowadays with work. LAAME. beautiful photos. i know exactly where you're talking about ^_^ it's actually the perfect place for a photoshoot! hehe xx

  3. Ah the beautiful gc. Nothing like a little roadtrip if the bf is agreeable. X

  4. gorgeous scenery, looks so tranquil. it's always nice to get a break from working, and the computer and camp yourself out somewhere completely gorgeous like this. i'm jealous!

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  5. You TWO are the CUTEST!!!
    Great pictures little fox.

    x x x
    I'm Just a Gal

  6. aww sounds and looks like fun!! those surrounds are breath taking <3 xx

  7. bless! i miss that part of having a boyfriend, just having little adventures :) sounds like it was a great day, beautiful photos too


  8. Simply gorgeous photos - so picturesque and beautiful, LOVE!! <3

  9. These pictures are so beautiful! I love that place! Wish I could go there. :)

  10. omg this is my backyard!!

    nice mt warning shots :)))))


  11. wow your road trip photos are gorgeous!
    check out some pics from my road trip


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