Saturday, January 22, 2011


One of my most desired travel destinations is Africa. I want to visit so many places on this amazing continent that I find choosing one nearly impossible. There is such a bewildering essence that draws me to want to explore every corner and experience everything, from what lonely planet has described as its "scale, variety and pure, raw impact".

I have formed my opinion of Africa from a 'Western' point of view, which is based on the exports, photos and stories I am exposed to. Of course there are so many cliché notions, like the poverty and despair, that are derived from Africa but there are also so many positive perceptions that are, unfortunately, often outweighed by the negative. However, there are countless encouraging and affirmative representations out there and focusing on the negative never got anyone anywhere.

♥ "Change your thoughts and you change your world." Norman Vincent Peale.

Elephant at the end of the rainbow


  1. Beautiful pictures, my favorite is the one with the model aplying make-up, also the landscapes, i think going to Africa is a MUST experience at least one time in lifetime, i want to go one day. Besos.

  2. I want to got o Africa... but then I want to be as amaZing as those girls..

    Love ♥

  3. yes the culture is amazing there.. beautiful post. thanks for your comment too :)

    F. ( x


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