Friday, January 21, 2011

I live in a caravan surrounded by snow. ❄

This article was in a past issue of frankie magazine and I fell in love, not only because while I am living in Japan I call a caravan my home, but my boyfriend and I had planned to buy a camper van and tour it throughout Europe in 2010. However, after many months of my boyfriend obsessively searching the internet and constantly calling me to, "come look at this one!", our plans fell through and we bought a car and camping gear instead. Although the car and camping equipment only made it throughout the UK as we opted for public transport to travel through Europe. I hope one day we can get our hands on an amazing camper and I hope its half as kitschy and cute as these ones. see more adorable mobile homes and their insides, please click here

Another recent fondness of mine is spaces, also by frankie magazine. I often have dreams of renovating every room I enter which leads me to the conclusion of interior decorating.. but until I figure out the path to careerism I look to spaces for inspiration and a provisional alternative.

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  1. Oh this is a dream. You and the bf certainly suit living in something as adorable as these. I have never heard of that magazine before but if it's by Frankie I imagine it to be amazing.

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