Friday, April 1, 2011

Birdy & Me

Every so often, my mother comes into my room with one of her favourite magazines and tells me about something interesting. Not so long ago she introduced me to an incredible artist, Kelly Smith, from my hometown, Tasmania, Australia. She creates beautiful sketches and fashion illustrations and as soon as I saw these, I was instantly mesmerised. She has published in many well-known magazines and has clients such as Vogue Australia, Sportsgirl and Frockshop, just to name a few. Whether its straight off the runway or a portrait, she really captures the essence of her muse. Look out for her alias as Birdy and Me and see her blog, shop & folio via her website, here.


  1. oh kelly smith, she's absolutely amazing.

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  2. Gorgeous drawings, I didn't know her, now I love her :)


  3. Her work is really inspiring!

  4. These sketches are so realistic. They're absolutely stunning.

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