Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post Apocalyptic Zombie Fun.


Ok, so I know this wont appeal to most of you (if any at all), but if anyone is of the male specimen or has a boyfriend that particularly likes playing video games such as COD or anything else zombie like, then you may draw him away from the controller with this tv series, The Walking Dead. Too many times have I tried to talk to my boyfriend while he is playing these games but it seems like I am just talking to a zombie himself. However, after much convincing, I sat down with him to watch this tv series as we are living in Japan without his PS3 and to spend some quality time together while eating dinner we watched The Walking Dead. At first I thought it was ridiculous as I am not one for blood and guts (which unfortunately this has a lot of) but if you can bring yourself to look away at those moments, the story line is actually quite interesting and draws you in with suspense. Usually I am the type of girl to watch Sex and the City, Will and Grace, Friends, those kind of light-hearted shows but something about this series kept me coming back for more. Developed by Frank Darabon and based on the comic book series of the same name, the plot follows the lives of a group of survivors during the aftermath of an apocalyptic zombie breakout and they travel through the United States in hope of finding a new life, help or a solution. I am eagerly looking forward to the second season which is said to start filming this month. I will tell no lies as it is a horror, very gory and they definitely do not try to hide this. However, I am glad that both my boyfriend and I can watch it together and both enjoy it. But I don't recommend eating while watching, eat beforehand, perhaps. 

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Now, to get back to fashion, I love Sarah Wayne Callies's dress, navy blue is one of my favourites, and Andrew Lincoln is looking very sharp in that suit.

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