Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I'm Listening To:

Cold War Kids: Mine is Yours. 

I love it. They sound more mature and although the songs sound rehearsed, unlike others such as 'We Used to Vacation' and 'Hospital Beds', it sounds better and more professional. It is a real easy record to listen to and I am impressed with every song. "We used to share the live aesthetic with White Stripes and Black Keys-type bands, but we really wanted to do something richer and classier," says singer Nathan Willett." And this is exactly what I got from the record. "Willett, who is 31, also spent time perfecting his trademark high-pitched, often warbley voice. "[My vocals] were emotionally good, but this record was really about getting it right — singing a song 10 more times and just get it to that place that I wanted it to be." Some songs in particular to look out for are 'Royal Blue' and 'Skip the Charades'. I also like the funky intro to 'Sensitive Kid' and the quirky 'Cold Toes on the Cold Floor' which reminds me of older Cold War Kids songs. To read the full article from Rolling Stones please click here. Also, if you want an opposing opinion on the album, or to listen to some of the tracks, head over here.

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